Discover the best outdoor activities in the Leduc Region this winter

There’s no better time than now to throw on a warm pair of boots, pull out the mittens, and explore the great outdoors! Embracing our winter weather is about as Canadian as it gets, and the Leduc Region is filled with ways you can do exactly that. Whether it’s hiking, cross-country skiing, skating, or tobogganing, there’s safe winter fun waiting to be had outside.

Yes, winter in Alberta can be chilly. No, it doesn’t have to be boring! Keep reading to learn more about some of the best outdoor activities waiting to be discovered…

Christmas displays near Telford Lake, Leduc, AB
Winter Fun in the Leduc Region
Outdoor ice surfaces in the area

Recreational skaters and hockey players alike can rejoice, because the outdoor skating season has officially arrived in the Leduc Region! While skating can be a safe & fun COVID-friendly winter activity, please ensure proper physical distancing is maintained and avoid skating on crowded ice surfaces. Here’s what you need to know about ODR’s in the Leduc Region:

City of Leduc – ODR’s are OPEN and/or OPENING SOON
The City of Leduc features fifteen outdoor ice surfaces (for both recreational skating and hockey ice). As of Dec 29, 11 of the 15 ice surfaces are open (with only Willow Park + Corinthia + Leduc Civic Centre South Pond + Southfork Green being closed).
> Click HERE for more information on their outdoor ice surfaces
> Click HERE to view their outdoor ice skating map

> Check out their Facebook Page for the latest updates on ODRs

Town of Devon – ODR’s are OPEN
The Town of Devon features four outdoor skating rinks, three of which are currently open:
1) Dale Fisher Arena Boarded Rink = OPEN
2) Centennial Park Rink = OPEN
3) NEW Highwood Rink = OPEN
4) Ravines Rink = OPEN
***Click HERE to see the Town of Devon’s latest Facebook post about outdoor rinks (Jan 4)

The Town of Calmar‘s outdoor rink is in Woodland Park – this ice surface will unfortunately remain closed for the remainder of the season.

***Please note that an average temperature of -5 degrees is typically required for approximately 2 weeks in order to create outdoor skating ice surfaces.
> Click HERE for Ice Hockey & Skating Winter Safety Tips from the Government of Alberta

Winter skating fun. Photo Credits - Travel AB
Winter Skating – Photo Credits: Travel Alberta
Cross-country skiing in the Leduc Region

Maybe you’re a seasoned cross-country skier, or maybe you’re looking for a new way to keep active over the winter months. Regardless of your experience, there’s some killer cross-country ski trails in the Leduc Region suitable for everyone. Here’s two of our favorites you should check out:

Leduc Golf & Country Club Ski Trails – Leduc
The City of Leduc is proud to offer 6 km of freshly groomed trails free of charge to the public at the Leduc Golf & Country Club! Two loops of track wind through the natural landscape, and are groomed approximately three times per week.
> Click HERE to learn more about cross-country skiing in Leduc
> Click HERE to view a cross-country skiing trail map (note that parking is available at the golf course club house)

Nordic Ski Trails – Devon
The Devon Nordic Ski Club proudly maintains 4.5 km of trails in the winter season available to the general public. Cross-country skiers of all skill levels will enjoy lovely views of the river valley from these trails located on the Devon Golf Course.
> Click HERE to learn more about the ski trails and view a map

Cross-country skiing in Devon, AB
Cross-country skiing in Devon
Finding photo-worthy spots at Telford

Telford Lake is remarkable regardless of the season, but takes on a different beauty during the winter months. Explore to your heart’s content, and don’t forget to snap a few pictures as you check out these attractions:
1) Christmas Decorations: Found on the west end of the lake near Telford House, the City of Leduc puts out cute seasonal decorations every year that make for great pictures.
2) Strolls along the Boardwalk: The boardwalk system (also found on the west end of the lake) is perfect for casual walks or cool runs, and offers spectacular views of the lake.
3) Stone Barn Garden & Cultural Village: Winter looks especially beautiful on this popular wedding spot found on the southwest end of the lake in William F. Lede Park.
4) Lake Trail Adventures: Keep an eye out for birds as you explore 8.2 km of well-maintained walking trails that circle around the lake – use this map as a guide!

Various winter photos near Telford Lake, Leduc, AB
Telford Lake, Leduc, AB
Tobogganing in the Leduc Region

Pull out your sleighs and crazy carpets! This classic winter activity is guaranteed to result in laughter as the young ones – and young at heart – race down the hill. Here’s a few of our favorite toboggan spots in the Leduc Region:
> “Mt. Leduc” on the west end of Aileen Faller Park (by Leduc Estates School)
> Corinthia Park‘s toboggan hill (by Ecole Corinthia Park School)
> Doris Smith Park‘s toboggan hill (in Windrose)
> Devon Golf Course‘s toboggan hill
> Hill behind the houses on Michigan Street in Devon
> Highwood Hill in Devon’s Highwood Park

Tobogganing in Devon, AB
Tobogganing Fun – Photo Credits:
Winter adventures in the River Valley

The North Saskatchewan River Valley near Devon is spectacular in the winter. Over 10 km of paved trails, and countless more unpaved, offer amazing views of the river valley. Use this map to help guide you on your next winter adventure! Two specific places we encourage you to check out out are:
> Prospector’s Point: The adults will love the scenic views, and the kids will love the nearby mountain of hay bales they can climb on!
> NEW Battery Creek Trail: As part of the River Valley Alliance project, Devon has a brand new trail that recently opened! The views speak for themselves – see below.

Winter River Valley trails and hiking in Devon, AB
Top: Battery Creek Trail Views – Photo Credits: Roxanne Persson (IG – faithroxy)
Bottom: Hay Bales near Prospector’s Point – Photo Credits: Deadly Vipers (IG – deadly.vipers)
Winter scavenger hunts

What’s a fun way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air? Take the kids on a holiday scavenger hunt in your neighborhood! You can use this template created by the Town of Devon (see picture below) or make your own! Regardless of how elaborate you want the scavenger hunt to be, it’s another safe & family-friendly way to get outside over the winter weeks.

Winter Scavenger Hunt Graphic
Winter Scavenger Hunt – Photo Credits: Town of Devon

With so many ways to embrace winter in the Leduc Region, your next outdoor adventure is sure to be a refreshing one. We want to know how you’re keeping busy over the next few weeks; tag us @discoverleduc the next time you post on social media – we’re active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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