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Insights to help your business understand your target markets and the tourism sector

Travel Alberta Tourism Market Insights

Travel AB regularly compiles and tracks information and is studying pre-pandemic source markets to understand how people are resuming travel.
> Click HERE for insights into Alberta’s typical visitors
> Click HERE for Alberta’s economic dashboard
> Click HERE to view Travel Alberta’s tourism indicators
> Click HERE to view Alberta’s Tourism Industry Dashboard
> Click HERE for market insights both within and outside of Canada

Travel AB recently hosted informational webinars on the topic of COVID-19 research:
> Leading Research How to Re-Engage with Albertans Amidst COVID-19
> What the Research is Telling Us About Tourism Recovery

Economic Research & Business Planning

Initial survey findings have been collected regarding activities Albertans participated in before the pandemic, and how they feel about returning to those activities now.
> Click HERE to view the full report of Wave 3 Results (October 2020)
> Click HERE to view the full report of Wave 2 Results (August 2020)
> Click HERE to view the full report of Wave 1 Results (June 2020)
> Click HERE to learn more about future studies
> Click HERE for COVID-19 Alberta Business Impact Survey findings
> Click HERE for more COVID-19 tourism-related research

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