August 28, 2020.


Discover photo-worthy locations perfect for your next post

You don’t have to travel far to find locales to inspire your Instagram. After spending any time in the Leduc Region, you’ll soon realize there is no lack of photo-worthy locations. To help guide you on your next photographic journey, we’ve assembled a list of Instagram-worthy spots. Check out our #DiscoverLeducRegion page to see more of our favorite photos – taken and submitted by local photographers just like you!

Don’t take our word for it though – let these incredible shots do the talking. Keep reading for Instagrammable spots in the Leduc Region, and to learn a few tips & tricks about how to get a picture-perfect image!

Your photo-worthy guide to the Leduc Region
Stone Barn Garden – Leduc

Located on the west side of William F. Lede Park, the Stone Barn Garden & Cultural Village is one of the most photographed locations in Leduc, featuring beautifully landscaped grounds and a picturesque wooden barn frame. Don’t be afraid to explore around – there are a number of spots surrounding the area that are equally as Instagram-worthy (like Telford Lake)!

Photography Tip: Try different angles and settings! This photo was taken from a lower angle, making the Stone Barn look just as impressive in picture as it does in person.

Stone Barn Garden
Genesee/Genesee Heritage Park – Leduc County

About a 50 min drive from Leduc in the northwest corner of Leduc County is Genesee, AB – one of the region’s best-kept secrets. This beautiful area has too many Instagram-worthy spots to choose just one; Genesee Heritage Park, Genesee Lake, and Genesee Natural Area are a few waiting to be discovered.

Photography Tip: Instead of centering the focal point of your photo in the middle of the shot, try using the rule of thirds instead. The image below is a great example – imagine a 3×3 grid overlaid on top of the picture. The horizon roughly follows the bottom horizontal third line, and the gazebo is approx. centered on the right-hand vertical third line.

Genesee Heritage Park – Photo Credits: James Parry (IG – @jamesparry65)
North Saskatchewan River Valley – Devon

So many naturally photo-worthy spots exist in the North Saskatchewan River Valley around Devon that it’s impossible to list them all. Try using Voyaguer Park as a starting point & the Devon River Valley Trail System Map as a guide for your explorations, and don’t be afraid to include the Highway 60 Bridge in your shot.

Photography Tip: Patience is key for sunset photography! The photographer of this amazing shot below was almost ready to pack up and leave, but decided to hang out just a little bit longer to see what the light would do. We think the result was well worth the wait.

Devon River Valley – Photo Credits: Tyler Thiessen (IG – @tthiessen_photography)
Calmar Medical Clinic Building – Calmar

Don’t be fooled by the ‘old-fashioned’ look of this brick building found on the east end of Calmar, because the Calmar Medical Clinic was actually built in 2018! This Instagrammable location is the perfect backdrop for vintage or antique photography – let your creativity take over and don’t be afraid to shoot in black and white.

Photography Tip: Arrive early in the day to avoid having parked cars in front of the building in the shot. Filters on Instagram can be useful for creating that “vintage” look, but another great mobile-friendly app that will do the trick is Adobe Photoshop Express

Calmar Medical Clinic – Photo Credits: LaVerne Sturmay
Leduc Heritage Grain Elevator – Leduc

As one of the Leduc Region’s signature landmarks, the Leduc Grain Elevator, located just off of historic Main Street Leduc, is a must-see. This iconic spot is one of the last single composite wood crib elevators in Alberta, making it an Instagram-worthy location from both historic and aesthetic perspectives.

Photography Tip: Due to the shape and size of the Leduc Grain Elevator, it’s a challenge to capture a good shot in the classic square dimensions Instagram is known for. No square, no problem, just remember to expand your pic to it’s maximized, non-square size after you upload it to Instagram, or the app will automatically crop it to 1:1 dimensions.

Leduc Grain Elevator – Photo Credits: Darren Ballingall (IG – @volumatic)
Century Mile Racetrack and Casino – Leduc County

Just outside Leduc near the Edmonton International Airport is Century Mile Racetrack, a cool spot that is just as exciting as it is photo-worthy. The one-mile racetrack itself is an awesome backdrop for fun pictures of you and your friends; come dressed in your best horse-racing outfit to complete the look.

Photography Tip: As the sun sets over the Leduc Region, it washes the racetrack in soft, golden light. See if you can time it just right and include the setting sun in your shot!

Century Mile Racetrack – Photo Credits: April Welch (IG – @aprilis_welch)
Canola Fields – Calmar

The Town of Calmar is situated in the middle of some of the most picturesque farmland in the Leduc Region. Dedicated and amateur photographers alike will have no difficulties finding an Instagram-worthy shot of the countless acres of farm land that surround Calmar – choosing the best one will be the problem.

Photography Tip: Part of what makes pictures of canola fields so stunning is the contrast in colour between the big blue skies and bright yellow crops Alberta is known for. Clouds (or the lack thereof) can make or break your shot – don’t be afraid to take a bunch of different ones and choose the best pic after!

Calmar Canola Fields – Photo Credits: Jodi Sweet (IG – @4sweetiesyeg)
Devon Lions Campground – Devon

Did you know that if you time it right, the Devon Lions Campground is a great spot to view the northern lights? It’s far enough away from city light pollution that auroras are much more visible – check out Aurora Watch for alerts about auroral activity in the Edmonton region. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re watching the northern lights dance and reflect on the river, but well worth losing sleep for the spectacular Instagrammable shots.

Photography Tip: Use a wireless remote to release the shutter – this reduces camera shake during the long exposures needed for night photography. The gorgeous shot below used a manually-focused wide aperture lens, & the camera was set to ISO 1000, f/2.8 for 6 sec.

Devon Lions Campground – Photo Credits: Roxanne Persson (IG – @faithroxy)
Fred John’s Park – Leduc

Finding the perfect photo-worthy spot in Fred John’s Park is easy. A paved trail wraps around the picturesque Leduc Reservoir, providing access to many Instagram-worthy spots. With a gorgeous fountain in the middle of the lake, and a flag display that includes a mounted Leduc Legion No. 108 plane, there’s no lack of cool things to take pictures of.

Photography Tip: You never know when that perfect photo opp will present itself! The photographer of this beautiful shot was on a bike ride with his wife when conditions just happened to be ideal for an amazing sunset pic. Keep an eye out for the natural beauty around you, and think outside the box when it comes to composing great shots.

Fred John’s Park – Photo Credits: Billy Madge (IG – @billy_madge)
Mission Beach Community Park – Leduc County

Last, but certainly not least, is Mission Beach Community Park, an Instagrammable spot on the north end of Pigeon Lake. This beautiful and serene park not only offers stunning views of the water, but also features multiple paths that weave through the surrounding woods. Explore to your heart’s content, and make sure your camera batteries are fully charged.

Photography Tip: Pay attention to lighting! While it’s natural to want to be at the beach at high noon when the sun is at it’s brightest, this may not always result in the best photos. Consider shooting mid-morning or mid-afternoon instead, and think about how shadows can be best used in your shot to create depth and volume.

Mission Beach Community Park on Pigeon Lake

The Leduc Region is full of beautiful, Instagram-worthy spots waiting to be discovered. Share your shots with us by tagging your posts with #DiscoverLeducRegion. Your photo may end up being featured across our social media accounts, and in our fan-submitted photo gallery found HERE. In the meantime, leave a comment below and let us know of any other Instagrammable locations you’ve discovered in the Leduc Region!

Photo Credits – Darren Ballingall (IG – @volumatic)