September 21, 2021.


Autumn is in the air!

It’s no secret … Fall is arguably the BEST time of year to take photos.

We’re always on the lookout for places to snap a few stunning shots (in fact, we even wrote a blog about Instagram-Worthy Spots in the Leduc Region), but there’s something about Fall that has us running to grab our cameras.

Whether you’re a photography pro, or just looking for a new place to get a few pics for the ‘gram, we’ve got suggestions for you …

Best Fall Photo Spots in the Leduc Region
Photo Credits: LaVerne Sturmay
Best Fall Photo Spots in the Leduc Region
Photo Credits: LaVerne Sturmay
Telford Lake – Leduc, AB

Photos taken at any time of year around Telford are beautiful, but Fall looks especially beautiful on the lake. Need some help navigating the trails? Check out this Interpretive Map!

PRO TIP: Bring your own canoe! Who says adventures on the lake have to be limited to summer months? Take your photos to the next level by capturing the reflection of autumn colours in the water …

Photo Credits: Roxanne Persson (IG - faithroxy)
Photo Credits: Roxanne Persson (IG – faithroxy)
North Saskatchewan River Valley – Devon, AB

Of course, the Devon River Valley would make it on this list! The river valley is bursting with colours during Fall.

PRO TIP: The tree-covered slopes of the Devon River Valley are certainly majestic, but don’t be afraid to get some rock strata in your shots! Browns and whites in the rock offer eye-appealing contrast to autumn-coloured leaves, and add texture to your photos.

Photo Credit: Monica (IG - mons_m_)
Photo Credit: Monica (IG – mons_m_)
Southfork Sunflowers – Leduc, AB

When you hear the word “Fall” – what are the first few things that pop into your mind? For us, it’s sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and sunflowers!

PRO TIP: Experiment with backlight and get nice and close to the sunflowers for dramatic photos. Consider proximity and how the sun frames your shot – get it just right, and the edges of the sunflower will glow!

Photo Credit: Christine Altstadt (IG - sunrise_7292)
Photo Credit: Christine Altstadt (IG – sunrise_7292)
North Saskatchewan River Valley – Genesee, AB

You’ve probably been to the river valley near Devon, but have you been to the river valley near Genesee? The cat is out of the bag – Genesee is rugged, it’s stunning, and it makes for incredible Fall photos!

PRO TIP: Perspective is key when it comes to river valley photography! Focused shots of the river itself can turn out beautifully, but consider shifting the focus to foreground elements to offer a different view …

Photo Credit: Peter Woloshyn (IG -
Photo Credit: Peter Woloshyn (IG –
Stone Barn Garden – Leduc, AB

It’s no secret that the Stone Barn Garden is one of the most picturesque locations in the Leduc Region. But have you seen shots of the old milk house nearby?

PRO TIP: Everybody knows fall photography is all about the colours, but start thinking about lines in your shot too … One of the many things that makes the photo below stunning is the contrast between clean, sharp lines of the house and soft edges on the foliage + flowers.

Photo Credit:  Cindy Moriart (IG - cmoriart16)
Photo Credit: Cindy Moriart (IG – cmoriart16)
Four Seasons Park – Beaumont, AB

Beaumont’s Four Seasons Park will have you “Fall-ing” in love with the colours it displays during autumn months – make a trip out and don’t forget to bring the camera!

PRO TIP: Of course, ridiculously cute dogs help take any picture (regardless of the season) to the next level. The less obvious element in the photo below that adds a second dimension to the shot is the unfocused leaves scattered on the green grass …

Photo Credit: Rosie (IG - rosiethecomfortdoodle)
Photo Credit: Rosie (IG – rosiethecomfortdoodle)
Abandoned Farm on Highway 39 – Leduc County, AB

We are OBSESSED with every picture of this abandoned farm that floats across social media, and for good reason too! Did you know it collapsed in on itself about a year ago?

PRO TIP: Moody skies and strategic lighting take this photo to the next level. It’s natural to avoid grey tones when taking pictures, but the faded red of the barn and burnt orange in the ground look extra dramatic against these dark clouds.

Photo Credit: Jodi Sweet (IG - 4sweetiesyeg)
Photo Credit: Jodi Sweet (IG – 4sweetiesyeg)
Fred Johns Park – Leduc, AB

Playgrounds, ball diamonds, a disc golf course – Fred Johns Park has it all PLUS countless spots to snap pictures.

PRO TIP: Use foliage as a frame! Shoot across the water at something eye-appealing, and let the green foliage around the water’s edge border your shot. It also doesn’t hurt to use soft dusk lighting …

Photo Credit: Steve Bohan (IG - stevebohan)
Photo Credit: Steve Bohan (IG – stevebohan)
Rural Sunsets – Leduc County, AB

Sunset pictures are always magical, especially when they’re taken out in the country … So pack up your camera, and go exploring at sundown!

PRO TIP: Sunsets and warm fall colours go together like PB & J – simple as that. What’s not-so-simple is factoring in how clouds add texture, depth and new colours to your shots … And that’s why sunset photography is an art, not a science!

Photo Credit: Janet Stamper (IG - janet.stamper)
Photo Credit: Janet Stamper (IG – janet.stamper)

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