November 2, 2021.


Embark on a self-guided historic tour with the On This Spot app!

Did you know On This Spot recently launched in Leduc?

Learning about our roots has never been easier – simply download the On This Spot app and embark on a self-guided historic walking tour! Keep reading to learn about the app, the tours currently available in Leduc, and more …

On This Spot Launches in Leduc
(Photo Credit: onthisspot.ca/cities/leduc)
What is On This Spot?

It’s history made accessible – On This Spot is an app that takes people on guided walking tours through the history that surrounds them … And it’s now available in the City of Leduc!

Have you ever wondered how our community, and the unique locations and landmarks found within, came to be? On This Spot answers these questions and more with self-guided historic walking tours.

At each stop along your journey, you can find yourself standing on the spot a historic photo was taken. You can view a then-vs-now photo comparison, use the in-app camera to create your own, and read about the historic significance of that spot! Regardless if you’re if a casual history enthusiast, or a dedicated history buff, you’ll definitely learn something new about our city after trying out On This Spot.

Telford Lake – Then and Now
(Photo Credit: onthisspot.ca/cities/leduc)
What Tours are Available?

Leduc’s Downtown: Growth of a Prairie Town
By Elyse Abma-Bouma

FROM THE APP: This tour of Leduc’s downtown will familiarize you with the history of Leduc, telling you the story of how the city went from a telegraph station on the Calgary Edmonton Railway to the thriving community it is today. Through tragedy and celebration, take a journey back in time and see Leduc from its beginnings.

> Dr. Woods House Museum
> Main Street Leduc
> Shear Connection (formerly the C.W. Carroll Land Office)
> Bank of Montreal (formerly the Leduc Hotel)
> Prairie Mountain Furniture (formerly Munro’s Drug Store)
> Quincy’s Quilting (formerly Moss Hardware Store)
> The Light House Cowork (formerly the Royal Bank of Canada)
> Saradee Boutique & Country Chic Leduc (formerly Union Cafe)

Main Street – Then and Now
(Photo Credit: onthisspot.ca/cities/leduc)
What Are Those Neat Photos?

It’s one of the apps most unique features … Cross-faded then-vs-now historic photos!

Featuring approx. 150 photos of unique spots throughout Leduc, On This Spot does more than just tell you what happened at a given location – it shows you!

What’s even cooler is the in-app camera function … Simply snap a shot of your own at the right spot, and then cross-fade it with one of the historic photos already uploaded to the app!

Want to see more of these unique pics and play with the historic cross-fading feature yourself? Click HERE and scroll to the Then and Now Photos near the bottom of the page.

Main Street – Then and Now
(Photo Credit: onthisspot.ca/cities/leduc)
What Else Does the App Do?

It doesn’t end at historic walking tours and cross-faded photos … Be sure to check out the Nearby Attractions section of the app to learn about more neat spots to visit!

Viewable in list or map format, the Nearby Attractions section is home to …
> Featured regional museums (like the Leduc Heritage Grain Elevator, Canadian Energy Museum, and Leduc West Antique Society)
> Historic Walking Tour Stops
> MORE cross-faded photo stops + accompanying historic info!

Leduc Heritage Grain Elevator – Then and Now
(Photo Credit: onthisspot.ca/cities/leduc)

To fully experience everything On This Spot has to offer, you need to try out the app for yourself – make sure to download it before the weather gets too cold!

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