April 13, 2021.


Discover unique local food retailers

We’ve all been cooking more at home recently, and it’s time we shared a secret… the Leduc Region is bursting with delicious, specialty foods! From meat to mushrooms, coffee to candy, seafood to snacks, there’s a retailer waiting to supply you with delicious, locally-sourced ingredients. Regardless of whether you’re a long-time resident or planning a special trip, if you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring ‘foodie’, we’ve compiled a list of notable specialty shopping spots to guide you on your regional culinary adventure.

Keep reading to learn about who’s who in the local food scene + what they have to offer…

Specialty Shopping Spots for Foodies
Specialty Shopping Spots for Foodies
Local Meats Leduc

ADDRESS: 4922 51 Ave #6, Leduc

Local Meats goes back to the basics – walk through the doors of this meat market, and you’re instantly transported to a time when the local butcher & baker knew you personally. As the name may suggest, this unique food retailer is passionate about creating relationships between you (the consumer) and local food producers – they source high quality products directly from regional farms, bakeries, and more. Fresh or frozen, packaged or whole, sliced or diced, Local Meats has it all and then some – including mouth-watering ready-made meals!

> Meat: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Bison, Lamb, Elk
> Seafood: Halibut, Cod, Salmon, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster
> Specialty Food + Read-Made Meals

Fresh Steaks from Local Meats Leduc
Fresh Steaks from Local Meats Leduc
Jar’d Mercantile

ADDRESS: 4911 50th Ave #102, Leduc

Blend a farmers’ market with a bulk retailer, add in locally-sourced products, and wrap it up with a strong commitment to a low-waste lifestyle… You get Jard Mercantile! It’s a new take on an old way of shopping: mercantile stores of days gone by would serve sparsely-populated regions, stocked to the brim with a wide variety of merchandise. Jard Mercantile takes that concept and reinterprets it tastefully for the modern shopper – you won’t find a staff that cares more about locally-sourced ingredients, you, and your community. Nothing left to do now but discover all the tasty and unique foodstuffs here for yourself.

> Jams, Honeys, & Preserves
> Spices & Sauces
> Greens & Specialty Vegetables
> Coffee & Tea
> Ready-Mades, Gluten-Free, & Keto Food

Gluten Free Food from Jar'd Mercantile
Gluten Free Food from Jar’d Mercantile
Lobster Mobsters

ADDRESS: 201 19 Ave #7, Nisku

We have a NEW seafood store in the Leduc Region! The secret is officially out of the bag… Meet The Lobster Mobsters! Two brothers born & raised on Eastern PEI relocated to Alberta at a young age, and brought with them a love for fishing and East Coast hospitality. We are running to check out their newly-opened storefront location in Nisku, and you will be too! Say goodbye to frozen fish, and hello to freshly-caught, East Coast seafood.

> Shellfish: Shrimp, King Crab, Lobster, and more
> Fish: Haddock, Cod, Tuna, Swordfish, Salmon, Mackerel, and more
> Seafood: Oysters, Calamari, Scallops, Clams, Fish Cakes, Mussels

Fresh Seafood from The Lobster Mobsters
Fresh Seafood from The Lobster Mobsters
Alternate Route Coffee Co.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: Online Retail + In-Person Retail Locations

Despite being relatively new to the local food scene, Alternate Route Coffee Co. has made a big name for itself in a short period of time. Founded in 2017 as a food-trailer turned coffee-roastery, Alternate Route pushes the boundaries of what is possible, both in coffee and life. We can’t rave enough about how delicious their coffee blends are – they’re perfectly roasted, pleasing to the palate, and have just the right amount of kick. Be warned… it’s going to be tough to go back to what you were drinking before after taking the Alternate Route.

> Coffee Beans: Light, Medium, or Dark Roast (Decaf Blends Available)
> Equipment: Coffee Grinders, Filters, Drippers, Pressers
> Merchandise

Medium Roast Blend from Alternate Route Coffee Co.
Medium Roast Blend from Alternate Route Coffee Co.
Nutters Everyday Naturals

ADDRESS: 4720 51 Ave, Leduc

Bulk foods, natural foods, gluten-free food, and more… We’re nuts about Nutters Leduc, and you should be too! This specialty food retailer in Leduc is your go-to spot for bulk & specialty ingredients. The staff are incredibly friendly, and helpful too when it comes to navigating their large inventory of goods. In addition to bulk foods, Nutters also offers an impressive selection of alternative herbs, vitamins, supplements, and health foods. Insider tip… if you’re looking for an assortment of nuts and goodies, or a gift, let Nutters do the hard work for you with their beautiful pre-made trays.

> Bulk Foods (including Gluten-Free & Keto options)
> Natural & Health Foods
> Vitamins & Supplements
> Specialty Orders

Granola Bars from Nutters Leduc
Granola Bars from Nutters Leduc
Wilhauk Beef Jerky

ADDRESS: 6053 47 St, Leduc

Calling all carnivores! If you haven’t tried Wilhauk Beef Jerky yet, you’re missing out – it’s as simple as that. We are thoroughly convinced they have the best beef jerky in all of Alberta, and likely beyond… It’s aged, seasoned, marinated, and smoked to savoury perfection. Honestly, just thinking about how tasty & tender their beef jerky is gets our mouths watering. Although you’ll definitely be going back for more Wilhauk Jerky, try out their smoked sausage and pepperoni products too – you won’t be disappointed.

> 100% Alberta Beef Jerky
> Smoked Sausage & Pepperonis: Garlic Sausage, Flavored Pepperonis, Smokies, Links
> Extra-lean Ground Beef & Hamburger Patties

Wilhauk Beef Jerky
Wilhauk Beef Jerky
Gruger Family Fungi

ADDRESS: 2002 8 St #7, Nisku

This friendly neighborhood fungi farm in Nisku supplies grocery stores and restaurants throughout Alberta with delicious fresh fungi. Gruger Family Fungi started out in a sea can in 2015, and has since grown into a year-round vertical mushroom farm! Fungal varieties are grown and designed to bring you only the freshest and most nutritional mushrooms – straight from the farm, to your table. Don’t be afraid to ask the Gruger staff any and all questions you may have about fungi or their farm; they’re always willing to go the extra mile to explain the differences between products + how best to use them.

> Fresh Fungi: Blue Oyster, Pink Oyster, King Oyster & Gold Oyster Varieties
> Dry Fungi Products: Oyster, Blue Umami, King, & Reishi Varieties
> Mushroom Extracts: Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, & Reishi Varieties

Vertical Mushroom Farm at Gruger Family Fungi
Vertical Mushroom Farm at Gruger Family Fungi
The Sweet Shoppe at Cliff’s Landscaping

ADDRESS: 49402, Range Rd 244, Leduc County

It’s one of the Leduc Region’s best kept-secrets for specialty shopping… The Sweet Shoppe! Located east of Leduc just off Rollyview Road, a visit to this candy store is well worth the trip. It’s everything you could dream of from a confectionary and then some – they’ve got sweets, sours, sodas, fudge, baking, and more. Take a trip down memory lane as you stroll through this little slice of candy paradise, and don’t be afraid to chat with the owners – they’re friendly, helpful, and embody everything that makes up excellent customer service.

> Imported Sodas & Chocolates
> Old-Fashioned Candy & Confectionary Items
> Freshly-made Baking & Fudge
> Other Sweets & Treats (including cotton candy & salt water taffy)

Fudge from The Sweet Shoppe at Cliff's Landscaping
Fudge from The Sweet Shoppe at Cliff’s Landscaping

Have you visited any of these specialty food retailers recently? Let us know what you tried and what your experience was like by leaving a comment below! We’re passionate about great-tasting, locally-sourced ingredients, and know we aren’t the only ones. Curious to learn more about specialty shopping spots in the Leduc Region? Click HERE to discover a new store!