Burger Baron: The Ultimate Burger Experience

June 13, 2023.

Burger Baron? Burger Barn? Burger Bar? How about all three?! If you’re looking for a unique Alberta way to experience some history while being well fed along the way, take a tour to three historic burger spots found right here in the Leduc Region. You could visit one spot at a time over the summer or, do what we did, and hit them all in a single day! You will indulge in a classic, diner burger, but each location will be just a little unique with their signature flavour. The story behind these iconic places is worth the read—discover the unlikely beginnings of these locally owned and operated spots. If you’re more of a movie-goer, there is an amazing documentary about an immigrant success story in the Prairies based on the Burger Baron’s franchise on CBC Gem, Absolutely Canadian ‘The Last Baron.’ Learn more about how the Burger Baron name is used by several fast-food restaurants in western Canada.

Take the burger tour.
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Burger Baron

5020 50th Ave
Leduc, Alberta

Enjoy this familiar drive-thru experience in the City of Leduc that will serve up some classics including the famous mushroom burger, hand-crafted milkshakes, donairs, texas fried chicken, and much more. Award winning burgers—over 60 years of tradition goes into every bite! Be sure to pop inside to the take-out window and see some historic photographs of Rudy’s humble beginnings.

Owners of Leduc Burger Baron

Burger Baron, City of Leduc

Building of Burger Baron in Leduc

Burger Baron, City of Leduc

Smiling girl eating a burger baron hamburger in Leduc

Burger Baron, City of Leduc

Burger Barn

5003 47 Ave
Millet, Alberta

The drive into Millet provides a scenic journey through Alberta’s agricultural heartland, allowing you to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the prairies. During the summer months, the fields often feature vibrant hues of green and golden crops, creating a stunning visual contrast against the blue sky. As you roll into the Town of Millet, you will see the Burger Bar at the end of the road on your right. A delightful stop with indoor and outdoor tables or a drive-thru experience is an option.

Burger Barn sign in Millet

Burger Barn, Town of Millet

Burger Barn with french fries in Millet

Burger Barn, Town of Millet

Shoes resting on a chair inside Burger Barn in Millet

Burger Barn, Town of Millet

Burger Bar

5102 50 Ave
Calmar, Alberta

Nestled in the heart of the quaint small Town of Calmar, this diner burger place is a beloved culinary gem. With its classic charm and mouthwatering burgers, it’s a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. The menu also features a selection of hand-cut fries, crispy onion rings, and homemade milkshakes that pair perfectly with your burger.

Burger Bar in Calmar with a close up of corn fritters

Burger Bar, Town of Calmar

Close up of Burger Bar drive-thru menu

Burger Bar, Town of Calmar

Smiling girl eating a corn fritter with jam at the Burger Bar patio

Burger Bar, Town of Calmar

Celebrating community, quality, history, and exploring the art of gourmet burgers! In a world where fast-food chains dominate the culinary landscape, there’s something undeniably special about stepping into a small town burger joint. These hidden gems are more than just places to grab a bite to eat; they are a testament to the local community, heritage, and a simpler way of life. So, the next time you find yourself on the road less traveled, be sure to seek out these culinary treasures and savour the taste of authenticity. You won’t be disappointed.

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