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Resources to help you communicate the value of your experience, build awareness, generate interest, and drive visitation

Free Promotional Resources

Discover Leduc Region proudly provides the DLR Media Toolkit to partners & local businesses. Feel free to use these resources in your promotion of tourism offerings + the region as a whole!

Resources provided within the DLR Media Toolkit include:

The City of Leduc has launched an easy-to-access Photo & Video Gallery
> View photos + drone footage taken around Leduc + download for FREE!

ATIS - Alberta Tourism Information Services

Did you know Travel Alberta offers a FREE digital marketing platform to help Alberta tourism businesses amplify their marketing efforts?

Why should you create and actively maintain an ATIS account?

  1. Get the word out – ATIS Listings received approximately 4 million total views in 2019
  2. Drive traffic – ATIS Listings received approximately 2 million conversions (clicks, website navigation’s, offer purchases, actual visits etc.) in 2019 – that’s a conversion rate of 50%!

What can you do with an ATIS account?

  1. Create Listings – inform visitors about the core experiences or aspects of your business
  2. Advertise Events – attract visitors to experience stand-alone or special events you host
  3. Present Offers – attach a price point to a unique experience you have to offer

Learn more about how to distinguish between a Listing, Event, or Offer by clicking HERE

How do you create an ATIS account?

  1. Click HERE and learn about the steps you need to take to get started
  2. Click HERE and read through the ATIS FAQ page
  3. Click HERE to sign up for free!

Learn how to write a great listing description by clicking HERE

What if you already have an ATIS account?

  1. Update your Listings – inform visitors about what you’re doing to keep them safe
  2. Click HERE to access tips and resources that will help you get the most out of your account
  3. Click HERE to learn how you can attract more visitors by raising your listing health score

Travel Alberta Marketing Resources

Travel Alberta’s Learning Portal offers an extensive set of resources for tourism businesses designed to help guide your marketing efforts.

  • Click HERE for Travel Alberta Marketing & Promotions Resources
  • Click HERE to view Travel Alberta Marketing & Promotions Webinar Recordings

Some of our favorite sections we suggest you check out include:

Travel Alberta also offers a variety of media resources and contacts for tourism businesses

  • Click HERE to view their media website
  • Click HERE to access their multimedia library


    LISA LIMA (Experience Development Manager, Edmonton and West Central Alberta) | 403-803-8956

Google for Small & Medium Sized Business

Navigating through everything Google has to offer for businesses can be overwhelming… What do they all have to offer? Where do you even start?

Take your online presence to the next level with these resources straight from Google:

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