July 12, 2021.


DISCOVER What’s Growing…
At 795 Haskap Berry Farm!

You’ve heard of berry U-Picks before, but have you heard of a HASKAP berry U-Pick? We’re here to give you the inside scoop on one of the Leduc Region’s most unique agricultural attractions: 795 Haskap Berry Farm!

Keep reading to learn about haskaps, what’s happening at the farm this summer, and more!

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U-Pick Adventures at 795 Haskap Berry Farm
U-Pick Adventures at 795 Haskap Berry Farm
First off… What’s a Haskap?

It’s the superfood you need to try! These dark blue, cylindrical berries are native to northern Japan and Russia, making them perfectly suited to grow in Alberta. In fact, the name “Haskap” has a Japanese origin meaning “little present on the end of a branch.” It’s a fitting name, because they’re a treat to eat indeed… Haskaps have a sweet & tart raspberry/wild blueberry undertone with a honeycrisp-like finish – it’s like eating a mixed-berry pie all in one bite!

So what’s so ‘super’ about haskaps? Everything! They contain a high concentration of antioxidants (more than blueberries), Vitamin C, Vitamin A, fiber, and Potassium. Haskaps have a long-standing tradition of medicinal use in Japan, and make a great health-food supplement.

When it comes to what you can do with haskaps, the possibilities are almost endless! They’re great for fresh eating, juicing, baking, freezing, or use in jams and jellies. Haskaps make delicious fruit wines + gins + vodkas, and have even been used to make cosmetic and skincare products. Our personal favorite? Haskap-infused maple syrup on waffles!

Haskap Berries - 795 Haskap Berry Farm
Haskap Berries – 795 Haskap Berry Farm
795 Haskap Berry Farm – The U-Pick

ADDRESS: 48211 Secondary, AB-795, Calmar, AB
Sat + Sun + Mon | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

In 2015, owners Randy & Brenda Begg bought a small farm. Several thousand haskap bushes (each and every one planted by family & friends) and 4 years later, 795 Haskap Berry Farm‘s U-Pick orchard opened for business!

This summer, YOU are invited to visit the farm and experience the world of haskaps for yourself! Their U-Pick orchard is open on Saturdays + Sundays + Mondays from 10 AM – 5 PM. No appointment necessary – simply visit during open hours! Buckets will be provided ($15 per bucketful of haskaps, each one holds approx. 3 lbs) and picking rows will be designated.

U-Pick Orchard - 795 Haskap Berry Farm
U-Pick Orchard – 795 Haskap Berry Farm
What Else is Happening at the Farm?

The short answer… MORE HASKAPS!

795 Haskap Berry Farm is also your one-stop-shop for basically anything haskap-related. Products available for sale beyond U-Pick buckets include:
> Freshly Pre-Picked Haskaps ($6/half lb)
> Frozen Haskap Berries ($20/2.5 lb bag)
> Haskap Jam ($6/jar)
> NEW THIS SUMMER: Haskap Yogurt Freezies ($3.50 each)

Don’t be surprised if after visiting, you want to grow your own haskaps! That’s why 795 Haskap Berry Farm also offers different varieties of haskap plants for sale including:
> 1-year old potted plants ($15 each)
> 2-year old potted plants ($25 each)
> 3-year old bushes in the ground ($50 each or 3 for $120)
> 5-year old bushes in the ground ($50 each)

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve teamed up with 795 Haskap Berry Farm to make your next visit fun AND budget-friendly! Visit our Culinary & Agri-Tourism Features page to find a promo code that can be used for 10% off your next purchase at the U-Pick + 5 other businesses!

Haskap Jam - 795 Haskap Berry Farm
Haskap Jam – 795 Haskap Berry Farm
Looking for More Info?

There’s a million reasons why you should visit 795 Haskap Berry Farm this summer, we’ve barely scratched the surface! If you’re looking for more info about haskaps, the U-Pick orchard, or sales…

Check them out on Facebook too! Their Facebook Page offers an inside look at the inner workings of a haskap berry orchard + up-to-date info on everything exciting happening at the farm…

Haskap Berries in a Bowl
Haskap Berries in a Bowl

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to visit 795 Haskap Berry Farm this summer!

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