January 26, 2021.


Discovering the Leduc Region from YOUR point of view!

It’s not just locations and activities that make the Leduc Region special – it’s the stories of the people who live and visit here that matter too! That’s why we love sharing how YOU Discover the Leduc Region. Whether it’s a special moment shared, a new spot you’ve found, an amazing meal you enjoyed, or a tale about a recent adventure you’ve been on, we want to know about it – and we aren’t the only ones!

Keep reading to learn more about what people like YOU – visitors + residents alike – have been up to in the Leduc Region…

Your Discoveries: Part 2
Your Discoveries: Part 2
A Birds-Eye View of Leduc

“These pictures were taken on the night before Christmas… there was something MAGICAL and HUMBLING about the sheer calmness of the evening. Aerial photography and videography is a passion of mine; I was born and raised right here in Leduc. This summer, I plan to reproduce many of the aerial pictures I have found in the city’s archives. It will be neat to see how the modern view compares right next to last century’s, and I can’t wait to share that with my COMMUNITY.”
– Ryan Sagert (IG – @rsagert)

Photo Credit: Ryan Sagert (IG - @rsagert)
Photo Credit: Ryan Sagert (IG – @rsagert)
Learning to Skate at Mission Beach

“It was a SPECIAL MOMENT with a wonderful longtime friend; I’ve known Maddie and her family for over 20 years. With the beautiful weather and using a friend’s natural ice rink at Mission Beach, Pigeon Lake, I helped her skate for the first time. Maddie is a go-getter – She loves trying new things, especially with people she trusts to make the experience a positive one. This was just one of the extraordinary moments I’m grateful we were able to share TOGETHER.”
– Dana Smith (IG – @danasmith0763)

Photo Credit: Dana Smith (IG - @danasmith0763)
Photo Credit: Dana Smith (IG – @danasmith0763)
Escaping to the North Saskatchewan River Valley

“We have been using – and LOVING – the Devon river valley more this year than ever before. There’s not much else to do, the weather has been beautiful; it’s been our happy place to ESCAPE to. Recently, we tried out the new Battery Creek Trail – it has the best view of the whole river from the top. Our family always jokes that when we are there, it’s almost as if we could be in the mountains… How lucky are we to have a spot like that in our own backyard!”
– Melanie Kremp (IG – melaniekremp)

Photo Credit: Melanie Kremp (IG - melaniekremp)
Photo Credit: Melanie Kremp (IG – melaniekremp)
Winter Walks with Furry Friends at Telford Lake

“I hike daily with my pup Hurley, this particular ADVENTURE took us east of Telford Lake. I find myself snapping so many shots of him playing in the snow… whenever I see a moment worth capturing, I take a picture. With how incredible the weather has been this past week, I hope everyone has had an opportunity to get outside and do something FUN.”
– Kristina Oswald (IG – @kristinamicka)

Photo Credit: Kristina Oswald (IG - @kristinamicka)
Photo Credit: Kristina Oswald (IG – @kristinamicka)
Big Blue Skies in Leduc County

“I live in Leduc County and find so much BEAUTY in the skies and landscapes of the area… Capturing that beauty in my photos is something I’m extremely passionate about. On this chilly and breezy morning, just three days before Christmas, the clearing clouds were wispy and looked lovely against the sky. There’s so many interesting things to photograph in the country, but my two favorites never change – big skies and stunning sunsets.”
– Janet Stamper (IG – @janet.stamper)

Photo Credit: Janet Stamper (IG - @janet.stamper)
Photo Credit: Janet Stamper (IG – @janet.stamper)
A Symbol of Friendship near Devon

“This year I’ve been on a lot of ADVENTURES in the river valley… You never know what you may find while EXPLORING the trails. I was out with my family one Sunday afternoon when we ran into this classic Canadian symbol at Devon’s Voyageur Park – an Inukshuk. For those of you that don’t already know, an INUKSHUK shaped in the form of a person symbolizes safety, hope, and friendship.”
– Brandi LaPlante (IG – @capturedbybrandibee)

Photo Credit: Brandi LaPlante (IG - @capturedbybrandibee)
Photo Credit: Brandi LaPlante (IG – @capturedbybrandibee)

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