October 12, 2021.


DISCOVER What’s Brewing …
At Rig Hand Distillery!

When it comes to craft spirits … Rig Hand Distillery has you covered!

Vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, coffee liqueur – you name it, they’ve got it. What’s even more impressive is Rig Hand‘s commitment to the “grain-to-glass” process … All of their spirits are locally sourced, produced, and distributed!

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Savour Craft Spirits at Rig Hand Distillery
Savour Craft Spirits at Rig Hand Distillery
How It All Started …

Rig Hand Distillery was officially established on Dec 17, 2014 … But to get the full story, we need to go back a bit further.

Until 2013, provincial legislation was not kind to craft distillers. Alberta had high minimum production levels in place for spirit producers, making craft operations that served local markets impossible. When those minimums were abolished, the game changed … Locally-crafted, small-batch spirits became a reality!

Not long after, Rig Hand Distillery (known then as Big Rig Distillery) sprung into existence as the FIRST craft spirit producer in the greater Edmonton area. Owners Geoff & Karen Stewart took a big gamble – cashing in their life savings, RRSPs, investment homes, and more to build a craft distillery in Nisku. Fast forward to the present day, and that gamble has paid off big time – Rig Hand Distillery has won multiple awards, ships across Canada, and is known far and wide to be a leader in the craft spirit industry.

To learn more, you’ll have to visit the distillery yourself! Hearing it from the main man, President & Owner Geoff Stewart, is almost as unique of an experience as touring the distillery. And speaking of tours …

Geoff Stewart - President & Owner of Rig Hand Distillery
Geoff Stewart – President & Owner of Rig Hand Distillery
Why We Love Rig Hand Distillery …

ADDRESS: 2104 8 St Bay B, Nisku, AB T9E 7Y9
HOURS: Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) | Sat (12-5pm)

We could go on and on why we rave about Rig Hand, but for you, we’ll keep it to our top three reasons …

You’ll be hard-pressed to find bigger community champions than these guys. Rig Hand spirits are made from local products (in fact, their main grain supplier is a family farm located two miles away from the distillery). All production happens on-site … Rig Hand even rents out space in it’s facility to other local brewers + distillers (like the masterminds behind Kikawinaw Sparkling Gin Tea). And, if there’s a community or charitable event happening somewhere in the Leduc Region, you know Rig Hand will be involved in one way or another.

The bottles Rig Hand packages their products in (in addition to looking pretty darn cool) pay tribute to Alberta’s rich history of agriculture and resource development – they’re a replica of the original Leduc #1 drilling rig! Their spirits are (quite literally) Alberta in a bottle … Even their logo celebrates how our region came to be!

There’s a reason this distillery has won award after award – Rig Hand‘s products are high-quality, smooth, and expertly crafted. Not only that, but the array of spirits they offer is equally as impressive … Regardless if you’re into flavoured vodkas, premium spirits, liqueurs or whiskies, Rig Hand has something for everyone. But don’t take our word for it – you need to try their stuff out for yourself!

Why We Love Rig Hand Distillery
Why We Love Rig Hand Distillery
Must-Try Rig Hand Products

Curious to see what all the hype about Rig Hand is, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a few of our tried-and-true favourites …

It doesn’t get any more Canadian than a double double – and coffee cream liqueurs don’t get any tastier than this one. This rum-based spirit has a complex flavour profile (including 3 types of coffee, vanilla, chocolate, caramel + hazelnut) and has won provincial & national spirit awards.

Take Caesar Sunday to the next level with this unique spirit. Rig Hand‘s premium vodka is infused with locally-sourced Russian red garlic to yield a flavoured spirit that packs a punch in the best of ways – grab some clamato and enjoy!

What do you get when masterfully-distilled sugar beet based rum is infused with Pimenta Racemosa? Rig Hand‘s Bucking Bull Spiced Brum! It’s like your favourite spiced rum, but better – smooth and sweet on the tongue, with a hot clove and vanilla finish.

Rig Hand recently teamed up with Kikawinaw (an Indigenous-owned and operated business) to bring something special into the world … A sparkling gin tea infused with blueberries, locally-grown rosehips, and organic natural flavours! Kikawinaw (Cree for Mother Nature) may be new to the craft brewing scene, but it’s already making big waves – it won TWO Made in Alberta Awards this year!

Kikawinaw Sparkling Gin Tea
Kikawinaw Sparkling Gin Tea
Looking For More?

You’re surely wondering by this point: “where can I buy Rig Hand products?” The good news is that you have a TON of options! Search for Rig Hand spirits in your local liquor store (they’re in over 900 across Alberta), shop online, order by phone, or visit the on-site liquor store + tasting room inside the distillery itself!

We’ve said it already, but to get the full Rig Hand experience, you really need to make your way to their distillery in Nisku for an in-person tour + tasting session. The best part? It’s free!

Curious about the basics of spirit production? Rig Hand offers courses for that! Learn more about their distilling workshops and when you can register …

Finally, be sure to follow Rig Hand on social media! Their feeds provide updates on what’s new + exciting in the craft spirit industry, offer a behind-the-scenes look at what life in a distillery is like AND they even post about innovative cocktail ideas!

Rig Hand Distillery Garlic Vodka Caesar
Rig Hand Distillery Garlic Vodka Caesar

Have you tried anything from Rig Hand yet? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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