September 14, 2020.


Discover treasures with our vintage & antique shopping guide

Calling all treasure hunters! You will not be disappointed by the quality vintage & antique shopping experiences available in the Leduc Region. Whether it’s the feeling of accomplishment that comes from discovering that perfect piece for your collection, or the thrill of getting the best bang for your buck, these vintage & antique spots will have you hooked. Check out our Specialty Shopping page for more unique retailers to discover.

We’ve done the hard work for you and assembled a vintage & antique shopping guide to help inform your next treasure hunt. Keep reading to learn about the best spots to visit, and a few tips & tricks about antique shopping…

Your vintage & antique shopping guide for the Leduc Region
Yesterday’s Treasure Market – Calmar

Found right on Calmar’s main street is Yesterday’s Treasure Market, an antique store with hidden gems from the past in every nook and cranny! This beautiful emporium is made up of approximately 40 different consignors and vendors, ensuring you’ll be able to find that cool and unique item you’ve been looking for. With an impressive assortment of items, and staff that are incredibly helpful and friendly, Yesterday’s Treasure Market is a must-stop for antique hunters.

Shopping Tip: Why do the price of silver antiques fluctuate? The price of silver rises and falls as its market value changes – this can explain why an item may be priced differently if you come back at a later date. Keep the market price of silver in mind when shopping – if you’re lucky, you may even be able to use it as a bargaining tool!

Yesterday’s Treasure Market
Beck Antiques & Jewelry – Leduc

Located on the north side of Leduc, Beck Antiques & Jewelry is a must-visit for treasure seekers. The only thing more impressive than the carefully curated collection of antiques & jewelry found here is the level of honesty and care you can expect from the owners. Karin & Adam have a well-known reputation for amazing customer service, treating all visitors with kindness and fairness.

Shopping Tip: How can you tell the difference between sterling silver and silver plate? While both can look just as elegant, sterling silver is superior because it retains its value over time. Bring a small magnet to differentiate between the two! If it adheres, then the piece is silver plate – true sterling silver will not attract a magnet.

Beck Antiques & Jewelry
Loganberry’s Antiques & Curiosities – Calmar

You could spend HOURS looking through the amazing selection of items available for sale in this lovely shop found in Calmar. The ladies of Loganberry’s are fun, friendly, and extremely helpful – going the extra mile to help you navigate through their large collection of treasures. Make the trip for an antique shopping experience you won’t forget, and make sure to set aside enough time to explore the store fully.

Shopping Tip: How can you tell if an item is true porcelain? Pull out your smartphone! Use the flashlight function and see if the light shines through when you hold it up to the piece. If it doesn’t, then you are likely dealing with stoneware or earthenware – not true porcelain.

Loganberry’s Antiques & Curiosities
Dis & Dat – Leduc

This unique spot in Leduc has a little bit of almost everything – home decor, antiques, vintage & retro items, furniture, local art, gifts, new & used household items – the list goes on and on. Half of the fun visiting Dis & Dat is to experience the space itself – the store is in a house that was built in 1912 and remains in great condition. Did you know that they’re having a giant tent sale on Sep 18-19 from 10 AM -7 PM? Check out their Facebook post about it for more details!

Shopping Tip: What is craquelure, and why is it a good thing? When you look closely at an aged painting, you may notice a very fine web of cracks – this is called craquelure. Contrary to what you may think, this is actually NOT indicative of poor condition. Instead, craquelure denotes authenticity, and is in fact highly sought after by art collectors.

Dis & Dat
It’s a Crock Country Store & Prairie Mountain Furniture – Leduc

It’s a Crock Country Store & Prairie Mountain Furniture are located right next door to one another on Main Street Leduc. While It’s a Crock focuses on all things home decor, Prairie Mountain Furniture (as you may have guessed from the name) focuses on rustic furniture. Visit both and check out the wide array of vintage items and wood furniture available. Even better, the (shared) owners really know their stuff – be sure to ask for their expert opinions on all things home decor.

Shopping Tip: How can you tell if a piece of wooden furniture is factory-produced or handmade? Look for dovetail joints! These joints hold wooden furnishings together without the use of nails or other hardware, and indicate that the piece was made by a cabinetmaker. Generally, thinner dovetails = more skilled artisan work = higher quality.

It’s a Crock Country Store
Urban Whyte – Devon

Not only can you find local artisan-made home decor, personal care, and gift items at Urban Whyte. These talented owners also offer furniture refinishing, painting, and restoration workshops + DIY paints, supplies, and helpful advice. It’s guaranteed that you will not leave this gem on Devon’s Main Street without a trendy new piece, or the inspiration to create your own.

Shopping Tip: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to rustic furniture! One collector may prefer the clean and shiny look of a refinished piece, while another may appreciate the authenticity of an original, weathered look. Consider your own preferences and the appearance of other pieces in your collection when it comes to shine and polish.

Urban Whyte

With so many local vintage & antique shopping experiences, your next adventure in the Leduc Region should be a treasured one. Need more specialty retail ideas? Head over to our Specialty Shopping page to discover more unique retail experiences in the area.

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