July 28, 2020.


Pack a lunch, explore natural beauty, and make memories with your family

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, kids are laughing – some of the best memories come from family day trips to the park. With multiple spots ideal for a picnic, parks in the Leduc Region offer a perfect escape from your daily routine. 

So, dig out the picnic blanket, pack a tasty lunch, and read on to learn about the top pick picnic spots in the Leduc Region…

Fred John’s Park

ADDRESS: 4 Bienert Ct, Leduc, AB, T9E 5K8

If you haven’t had a picnic in Fred John’s Park in… why not? The kids will have fun on the playground on the south end of the park, while you’ll enjoy scenic views of the Leduc Reservoir and fountains. Bring a frisbee and try out the disc golf course on the northeast side of the lake!

Fred John’s Park – Leduc, AB – Photo Credits: Christine Altstadt
Mission Beach Community Park

ADDRESS: Leduc County, AB T0C 2C0

Located on the north shore of beautiful Pigeon Lake, Mission Beach Community Park is one of the Leduc Region’s hidden gems. With green space for a picnic lunch, nearby trails, and beach access, the park offers peace and serenity for visitors and locals alike.

Mission Beach Community Park – Leduc County, AB
Centre Park

ADDRESS: Parkview Crescent, Calmar, AB T0C 0V0

Experience a beautiful outdoor space perfect for a picnic in Calmar! Make sure to bring your running shoes next time you visit Centre Park… there’s a trail entrance at 52nd Ave & Parkview Crescent PLUS an outdoor exercise circuit waiting for you to enjoy!

Center Park – Calmar, AB
Voyageur Park

ADDRESS: 100 Saskatchewan Ave W, Devon, AB T9G 1B2

Voyageur Park is the westernmost point of the River Valley Alliance parks & trails system… and it’s one of the best spots for a picnic in the entire Leduc Region! Take in a beautiful natural area located along the North Saskatchewan River with your family – features include a boat launch, picnic tables, gazebo, and washroom/change room facilities.

Voyageur Park – Devon, AB
Telford Lake

ADDRESS: Leduc, AB T9E 5V9

Telford Lake is one of the Leduc Region’s most picturesque spots. Make sure to use the Multiway Trail System to take your family on a nature walk around the lake after you’ve finished your picnic. Did you know the lake is named after Robert Taylor Telford, the founder of what became the City of Leduc? Telford first settled by the lake in 1889!

Telford Lake – Leduc, AB – Photo Credits: Hilly Woo
Sunnybrook Creek Park

ADDRESS: Leduc County, AB T0C 2M0

Located along Highway 39, west of Sunnybrook, Sunnybrook Creek Park is an awesome spot for a family day trip. The park displays the natural beauty of surrounding forests; you’ll enjoy scenic views and some rest and relaxation during your picnic outing. 

Sunnybrook Creek Park – Leduc County, AB
Engberg Park

ADDRESS: Calmar, AB T0C 0V0

It’s yet another great spot to beat the heat and enjoy a picnic with the family! Engberg Park wraps around the Mike Karbonik Arena in Calmar, AB and features grassy day-use areas, picnic tables, and an awesome spray park.

Engberg Park – Calmar, AB
Centennial Park

ADDRESS: 105 Athabasca Ave, Devon, AB, T9G 1A4

It’s a beautiful setting for recreational activities, wedding/family photos, and… you guessed it… picnics! Centennial Park can be found on Athabasca Ave in Devon, AB, and features picnic tables, benches, a volleyball court, grassy day-use spaces, and a gazebo.

Centennial Park – Devon, AB
Alexandra Park

ADDRESS: Leduc, AB T9E 4C4

With 12 acres of green space and scenic views of the Civic Centre, Alexandra Park is an excellent choice for your next summer picnic. Be sure to pack a bathing suit, because the park is beside the Alexandra Outdoor Pool and the Spray Park

Alexandra Park – Leduc, AB
Genesee Heritage Park

ADDRESS: 3051 Township Road 510A, Leduc County, AB T9G 0H9

Located 22km north of Warburg, Genesee Heritage Park is another great spot for your next family day trip. Take your rods for a day of fishing in the fully-stocked fish pond or enjoy shade in the park’s signature gazebo while you learn about the history of Genesee and surrounding area. 

Genesee Heritage Park – Leduc County, AB
William F. Lede Park

ADDRESS: 4524 47 Ave, Leduc, AB

Last, but certainly not least, William F. Lede Park is yet another fantastic choice for your summer picnic. Bring your favorite furry friend along, and let them run free at the K9 Off-Leash Dog Park located on the east side of the park. 

William F. Lede Park – Leduc, AB – Photo Credits: Jeff Grenfell

With so many great spots for a family day trip, your next visit to any park in the Leduc Region is sure to memorable one. Let us know where your go-to spot for a summer picnic!

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