6 Discoveries To Satisfy The Winter Blues

Is there a better way to stay warm during the cold season, then to find a local comfort food, happy restaurant? We think, no!

Where To Eat During Alberta On The Plate

LOCAL EATS IN THE LEDUC REGION Celebrate locally-sourced food & drink at participating restaurants! We're so excited to support the restaurants in our communities we know & love during Alberta on the Plate 2021!

Things To Do During Alberta Open Farm Days

AGRI-TOURISM IN THE LEDUC REGION Meet your rural neighbours on August 14 + 15! Mark your calendars - Alberta Open Farm Days is coming to the Leduc Region on August 14 + 15!

10 Ice Cream Spots In The Leduc Region

LOCAL EATS Beat the heat with an ice cream treat! This blog may be a week late (considering Alberta's recent record-setting heat wave) but it's still a topic we want to scream about all summer long: WHERE TO GET ICE CREAM IN THE LEDUC REGION!

Patio Season In The Leduc Region

LOCAL EATS Patio is season is BACK - and it's better than ever! Maybe it's the warm weather we've been enjoying lately, maybe it's the light at the end of the tunnel for public health measures, but we've been in a GREAT mood lately.

Playoff Hockey Picks: Takeout Edition

LOCAL EATS IN THE LEDUC REGION Bringing game night snacks to YOU We're not sure what we're more excited about... Playoff hockey or game day grub!

Specialty Shopping Spots For Foodies

LOCAL SHOPPING IN THE LEDUC REGION Discover unique local food retailers We've all been cooking more at home recently, and it's time we shared a secret... the Leduc Region is bursting with delicious, specialty foods!

International Cuisine: Top Spots In The Leduc Region

LOCAL EATS Embark on a culinary adventure without leaving the Leduc Region The dining scene in the Leduc Region is more diverse than you may guess! Creative chefs take pride in using locally-sourced ingredients to make carefully curated recipes from around the world - expertly interpreting international cuisines for Canadian audiences.

8 Unique Spots That Will Have You Loving Lunch

LOCAL EATS IN THE LEDUC REGION What's there not to love about lunch? Or these local spots you need to check out!